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The Solet Group

The Solet Group is an EU-based set of companies encompassing a wide range of contemporary solar energy competences. The Group offers reliable and technologically integrated photovoltaic (PV) technology, as well as a vast range of relevant solar energy solutions – products and services – from a single experienced and professional source.

The Solet Group provides services that range from solar panel manufacturing to engineering design and installation of solar power plants. It offers thorough consulting and maintenance in solar energy project development, as well as professional estimation of returns on investment, testing and scientific development.

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Our export geography

During 2011-2021, the Solet Group implemented PV technology projects from designing to building solar power plants and parks in various European countries, ranging from very specific micro power plants to very complex solar energy stations of 70 MW. Over the years, Solet has participated in various PV projects with a total capacity of more than 300 MW with partners and clients from Italy, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Belarus and Russia.

Solet Photovoltaics is rapidly developing and growing – expanding its geography, taking up new challenges, and implementing more ambitious projects – in order to provide the best possible solar energy solutions for a reasonable price.

Solet is constantly looking for opportunities and is open to various offers

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Principles Of Our Work


Passion for solar, dedication to excellence

The Solet Team maintains an uncompromising standard of quality in all parts of the service. Whether it’s manufacturing, engineering, or customer satisfaction, we believe that quality is a continuous habit rather than a one-time performance. In Solet, this type of habit is something that we have developed with pride.

Our company adheres to high-quality solar module development using top-tier materials and applying advanced manufacturing processes while keeping the price at a competitive level.

Dilligent quality inspections are carried out regularly to ensure efficiency, consistency and long-lasting service life of each module. That is the primary reason why Solet is able to provide a 15-year product warranty and a 25-year performance warranty.

In addition, we ensure quality control throughout the entire manufacturing process, therefore our modules are delivered to the customer in an outstanding technical and visual condition.

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Individual solar modules glass-glass, solet photovoltaics


The Solet Team places a major emphasis on both process and equipment capabilities

Every material that is going into the product is carefully checked during the designing process to ensure the highest level of precision.

Solet also follows strict compliance with current European and industry standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHAS 18001, IEC 61215, IEC 61730, IEC 62716).

More than 10 years of transparent experience allows Solet to be a trustworthy and reliable partner.


Your solar project is an investment that will last decades

Your solar project is an investment that will last decades, which is why we believe you deserve a company that will be there to ensure its product support throughout the entire time. At Solet, we offer one of the industry-leading product warranty for 15 years.

We take full responsibility for our products and services throughout the entire process of solar project development and implementation. Our years of experience combined with high-quality standards allows us to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction.

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Solar Energy

Less than 90 minutes of sunshine is required to provide the amount of energy that the entire human population needs for one year. Solar power has so much potential that it would take less than 1 per cent of the world’s land area to be covered by solar modules to supply all of our electricity…

Bendradarbiavimas su VGTU Vibroakustinių tyrimų ir diagnostikos mokslo laboratorija

MG AB „Precizika“ ir VGTU Vibroakustinių tyrimų ir diagnostikos mokslo laboratorija 2014 metų 09-12 mėnesiais atliko „Saulės elementų bei jų tvirtinimo sistemų dinaminių charakteristikų tyrimą“.

Intersolar Europe 2014

„Solet“ photovoltaic modules were presented in „Intersolar Europe“ 2014 – The World’s Largest Exhibition for the Solar Industry.

Product of the Year 2012

Photovoltaic module „Solet“ Glass-glass was awarded gold medal for „Product of the Year 2012“ in industry of machinery and equipment section.

Intersolar 2012

MG AB “Precizika” and JSC “Solet” took participation and presented Solet photovoltaic modules in Intersolar 2012 (Munich) tradeshow.

Solet Photovoltaics

We aim to become the most trusted solar panel manufacturer through the continuous meeting of high-quality standards and excellent project management.